Life in a regiment / Permissions and family life


Under what conditions are spent the first years at the Foreign Legion?


The legionnaire is a fighter ready to go on a mission where France will need him.
As such, he is fully available and that is why he resides in the military compound before 5 years of service or becoming a non-commissioned officer.

This lifestyle corresponds to that of a single person.

Permissons :

 A legionary is entitled to 45 days of leave per year (by agreement of the command).
If he is not taken by the service his weekends are free.

Any legionary under 5 years of service must wear the uniform during free time.
In the context of long-term permissions, the legionary may be in civilian clothes.

To be authorized to go abroad, either to his country of origin or to a third country, a legionary must have an identity document from his country of origin, serve under his true identity and therefore have been “ regularized military situation ”. The process of regularizing the military situation is initiated as soon as the person concerned is able to provide the administrative and official acts requested by the French administration.

Purchase of a motor vehicle:

subject to command authorization after 3 years of service.


  • Un légionnaire avec son enfant à Camerone

After a number of years he will progress in his career and can legitimately start a family.

A legionary will only be allowed to marry after being in good standing with the following conditions:

- To serve under his true identity (thus to be regularized of military situation);

- having informed the command;

- If he has less than 5 years of service he must obtain the authorization of the Minister of the Armed Forces.