The legionary profession

être légionnaire

The legionary profession

find out how to become a legionnaire

Why become a legionnaire ?

To be a legionary is to join an elite corps and a family.

If you want to join this elite corps, belong to a big family spread across five continents and be part of something bigger than yourself.

The Foreign Legion offers you this possibility.

How ?

  • Prepare yourself physically and morally to change your life.

  • Go to the nearest Legion Information CENTER

The rest of the story is at you to write it ...

If you want to know more, the answer is in the page (how to become a legionnaire).

  • Ëtre Légionnaire
The legionary profession

The legionnaire is first trained as a fighter

(he will eventually choose a specialty after two years of service).

Fighter above all !
An infantryman, a CavlryMAN or a ENGiNEER ... who can evolve in all environments: mountain, amphibious, terrestrial ...
  • Sniper
  • Tank shooter
  • Paratrooper
  • Sapper-deminer
  • Commandos
  • Tank pilote
  • and many other specialties...
But also after two years minimum:
  • Administration: secretary, accountant, IT and office automation operator.
  • Transmissions: Radio-graphic operator, radio mechanic, switchboard operator.
  • Driving: Driver of light vehicles, heavy vehicles and super heavy vehicles, public transport and public works vehicles, driving school instructor.
  • Maintenance: Mechanic, auto electrician, armament repairer, plumber, electrician.
  • Nurse, informatics, physical education instructor, musician, photographer, cook, storekeeper.