Failed to select?


You failed the selection and you want to know if you can re-select the selection later.


(Definitive or temporary)?

As in any recruitment process, it happens that the selection committee decides that a candidate is excluded from the process because he does not present the skills required by the Foreign Legion.

It can be a final or a temporary decision.


In the event of a definitive failure in the selection, this means that the command of the Foreign Legion considered that despite the qualities of the candidate, he does not have the necessary skills to become a legionnaire.

This decision is irrevocable, and the candidate then leaves the selection process.

As such, it is useless to represent oneself or to ask in writing for a new possibility to present oneself.


This decision has a duration that can range from a few months to a year. Often, this is a question of temporary unavailability or of care that must be taken before being declared fit to continue the recruitment process.

The candidate is invited to perform the treatment and to represent himself after the allotted time.